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Amazon developed library for building Deep Learning (DL) machine learning (ML) models.

Amazon Ion Java


Java implementation of the Ion data notation.

Web App Starter Kit Examples


A getting started kit for creating a video or media focused web app for Fire TV.

Amazon Pay PHP SDK


Amazon Pay API Integration for PHP.

Amazon Drivers


Official repository of the open source drivers for devices used on AWS platforms.

OSS Dashboard


A dashboard for viewing many GitHub organizations at once.

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    Alexa | Alexa Labs | Amazon | AWS | AWS Docs | AWS Labs | AWS Samples | Amazon Archives
    Amazon Linux | AWS Amplify | AWS CloudFormation | AWS Quickstart | AWS Robotics | AWS Solutions
    Blox | Corretto | Firecracker MicroVM | Gluon API | OpenDistro | OpenDistro for Elasticsearch
    Carbonado Cloud9 | Cloud9 Ajaxorg | Cloud9 IDE | Goodreads | Ivona | Twitch | TwitchDev | TwitchScience | JustinTV | Zappos


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