Ion Hive SerDe 0.1.0 Released
21 January 2019

Apache Hive SerDe (short for serializer/deserializer) for the Ion file format alpha is released.

This new Serializer/Deserializer for Apache Hive supports the Ion binary and text formats, all of the Ion types, and flattening through path extraction. This release is an Alpha release and a complete list of features can be found in the GitHub repository.

GitHub Repository

Ion Java Path Extraction 1.0.0 Released
12 November 2018

Ion Path Extraction API aims to combine the convenience of a DOM API with the speed of a streaming API.

The user can register search paths and callbacks with the extractor that will read the Ion document in the most efficient way looking for the registered paths. When it matches a search path it will invoke the correspondent callback.

GitHub Repository

Ion Schema Specification 1.0 Released
05 November 2018

This new specification describes a language and set of constraints used to declaratively constrain Ion values. Types defined by a schema could be used to:

A reference implementation of Ion Schema is now available as open source software. It is written in Kotlin, and should be considered alpha software.

Ion Schema Specification Reference Implementation

Amazon Redshift Spectrum Adds Nested Ion Support
09 August 2018

You can now use Amazon Redshift to directly query nested data in Apache Parquet, Apache ORC, JSON and Amazon Ion file formats stored in external tables in Amazon S3.

Nested data support with Redshift Spectrum enables you to query complex data types such as struct, array, or map, without having to transform or load your data.

AWS Announcement

Developers’ Guide to Ion Symbols Released
06 August 2018

This document provides developer-focused commentary on the Symbols section of the specification and discusses the implementation of symbol table, symbol token, and catalog APIs.

Symbols Developer Guide

Ion Java 1.2.0 Released
22 June 2018

Release Notes

Ion C 1.0.1 Released
26 May 2018

Bug fixes:

Release Notes

Ion Python 0.3.1 Released
16 May 2018

Adds support for binary and text in simpleion.loads() and simpleion.dumps().

Release Notes

Ion C 1.0.0 Released
13 April 2018

Highlighted features:


Release Notes

Amazon Releases ion-test-driver
13 April 2018

A cross-implementation test driver for Amazon Ion readers and writers.

GitHub Repository

Ion Java 1.1.2 Released
02 April 2018

Javadoc changes.

Release Notes

Ion Java 1.1.1 Released
23 March 2018

Fixes IonStruct.clone performance regression introduced in v1.1.0.

Release Notes

Amazon Redshift Spectrum Adds Scalar Ion Support
08 March 2018

You can now use Amazon Redshift Spectrum to directly query scalar JSON and Ion data types stored in external tables in Amazon S3 - without loading or transforming the data.

AWS Announcement

Ion Java 1.1.0 Released
24 January 2018

Adds support for empty symbols, local symbol append, SID0, NOP padding, and more improvements.

Release Notes

Ion Java 1.0.3 Released
13 October 2017

Avoid writing fractional second if not necessary in Timestamp binary encoding.

Release Notes

Jackson Adds Ion Support
30 July 2017

First official version of jackson-dataformat-ion (under jackson-dataformats-binary repo) — used for reading/writing Amazon Ion format documents.

Medium Announcement Release Notes

Amazon Releases ion-eclipse-plugin
21 July 2017

An Eclipse plugin for working with files using the Amazon Ion data format.

GitHub Repository Getting Started

Ion Python 0.2.0 Released
10 May 2017

Adds support for reading text Ion and fixes bug affecting writes of large binary Ion values.

Release Notes

Amazon Releases ion-js
25 April 2017

Ion-JS is a JavaScript library for Ion – this is currently alpha software and is subject to change. The library allows for reading/writing Ion data from within JavaScript code.

GitHub Repository API Documentation

Ion Java 1.0.2 Released
08 February 2017

Provides OSGi metadata. Fixes a few small bugs.

Release Notes

Ion Java 1.0.1 Released
29 September 2016

Ability to read and write 32-bit floats, and to query integer sizes (short, int, long, etc.) for more efficient materialization (no need to always start with BigInteger).

Release Notes

Amazon Releases ion-python
09 July 2016

A python implementation of Amazon Ion designed to work with Python 2.6+ and Python 3.3+.

GitHub Repository

Amazon Releases ion-c
27 June 2016

Ion-C is a C library for Ion.

GitHub Repository

Amazon Releases ion-intellij-plugin
14 June 2016

An IntelliJ plugin for working with files using the Amazon Ion data format.

GitHub Repository IntelliJ Plugins

Ion Java 1.0.0 Released
25 April 2016

This is the initial open source release of Ion Java.

Release Notes Maven Central Javadoc

Amazon Open Sources Ion
21 April 2016

Amazon released the specification for Ion.

Ion Specification