Amazon Sign-in

Amazon Sign-in allows users to login to your shop using their Amazon username and password. The name, email address and user id is fetched from Amazon in order to facilitate the creation of a Magento account. Shipping and billing address will be retrieved as part of the checkout.

Customers who have logged in via Amazon Sign-in previously, will be recognized and automatically logged in into the Magento customer account as well. In case an account for the email address already exists, the accounts can be linked to add Amazon Sign-in as another option to sign in for the customer.

When enabled, Amazon Sign-in will log customers into Magento via their Amazon account.
If disabled, customers using Amazon Pay will be handled as Guests by default but prompted to optionally create an account during Checkout.
if Amazon Sign-in is disabled and Magento Guest Checkout is disabled, the customer will be able to see and use Amazon Pay buttons only if already signed in with a Magento account.


To offer the Amazon Sign-in feature, you have to have a valid Amazon Pay merchant account (sign up here if you don’t have one yet), and toggled Amazon Sign-in option on in the configuration panel, see Configuration section for more details.

Amazon Sign-in button

The Amazon Sign-in button appears on the following positions in the shop:

  • on the customer login page
  • on the customer registration page

Pressing the Amazon Sign-in button launches the Amazon authentication window, where the customer is asked for their Amazon account e-mail address and password.


The customer will then have to provide Consent to share name and email coming from their Amazon account.


After a successful sign-in, the customer is redirected to the My Account section.